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The typical products of VACNE

07 February 2021 | 03:08:00 PM

VACNE)- On the media board in front of the VACNE office appears the photo with the title "A typical number of publications of the Society has published". The photo is taken about over 30 publications, just right with the criteria of one important book on the environment each year, titled Association.

At the request of many members visiting the Office at the end of the year, please list some of the books below.

Specialist "Green Vietnam" published 23 issues; Collection of research works "Environment" has published 10 volumes;

Book "Environmental Security" reprinted 3 times in 10 years; Book "Consulting method of social criticism on natural resources and environment", twice reprinted; Book "Heritage Tree of Vietnam" has 3 volumes which are publications with "huge" number of releases.

There are 6 important publications published in the form of "The State order", including "Biodiversity conservation of Truong Son mountain range", "Green economy for sustainable development in the context of climate change", "Climate change response from a community perspective "," Environment and development in the context of climate change "and the two books" Environmental Security "and" "Consulting method of social criticism on natural resources and environment".

Many typical publications of the Association are printed and distributed by reputable publishers.
Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung written the Introduction to the book "Environment and development ..." ; MONRE Minister Tran Hong Ha wrote Introduction to "Heritage Tree" volume 3, Vietnam Union President Dang Vu Minh wrote Introduction to "Green Economy ...".

Undoubtedly, thousands of pages of books on a wide range of natural and environmental issues that the Association members - leading experts in the field have published over the past three decades are their contributions, not small for society.

VACNE Office

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