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The beauty of Ham Ho

07 July 2010 | 11:59:00 AM

Ham Ho or “white rock forest” is also called “a symphony of mountains and water” or “Heavens Gate”.


Tourists travel to Ham Ho by boat
 All flowery words used to describe this beautiful landscape is not enough if you once come here.
From Quy Nhon City, going along the national highway No.1A in the north to intersection with Highway No.19 then turning left and heading towards Tay Son another 5km you will see Ham Ho- a charming land located in the heart of wild and mysterious Kut River.

Tourists can choice walking tour or water tour to penetrate into Ham Ho. If travel by land, the tourists could take an enjoyable horse-drawn carriage tour through the road whose one side leans against the river and the other leans against the mountain. It takes 0.5 km for tourists to travel by water. Sitting on the boat bobbing gently on small branch of the river, the tourists will be taken to deeply inside Ham Ho.
We finally choose water tour. Locals’s boat takes us calmly down a branch of Kut River through wild brushwoods along stream’s edge. It’s branches hung down and reflect in clear stream. Surroundings covers by green trees with fresh and quiet atmosphere that we can hear the animated sound of wild birds singing as well as sound of bamboo pole cleaving the water to shove off the boat. Occasionally, the stream of sunshine beams impetuously down tender leaves when the boat suddenly pass a small waterfalls or gentle rock. A peaceful and quiet feeling in the wild and clean landscape surrounds us.
At the end of the stream, the Ham Ho appears wonderfully as a giant rockery in the middle of nature. It surrounds by grandiose mountain and forests. High mountains cover by primeval forests. Surface of the water is quietly but sounds melodiously as bending the curving.
We leave the boat and begin passing through dangerous and narrow roads. The narrowest section is even hard for one person worming. The high and dangerous cliffs also challenge the tourists as they could only cling on a peak cliff or tottery edge to climb up. A strong impression we will feel when looking down beneath where the stream begins slopping downward and bending urgently to create waterfalls. The locals call each sections with roughly names but deep impressions such as Hon Trao (Overflow Mountain), Hon Vo Ruou (Wine Jar Mountain), Da Dung (Vertical Stone), Thac Ca Bay (Fly Fish Falls), Cua sanh-Cua Tu (Life and Death Door), Vuc Sac (Gaudy Abyss), Dinh Suong Mu (Fog Peak), Hon Ba (Lady Mountain), Da Chay (Burn Rock)...
Upstream the source of river, slope is higher. The stream falls roaring and fiercely. In flood season, water flowing from Da Hang to Ham Ho streams down deep caves throwing dazzling white foam. In the dry season, in clear sky days, morning sunlight darts its beams down granite blocks creating multicolored blocks twinkling on blue wave.
Climbing over Hon Da Thanh, the tourists could see a section of Ham Ho from the height in oder to experience clearly the imposing beauty of this natural lanscape.
Ham Ho formerly was a guerilla base of Tay Son insurgent army, Can Vuong movement of Mai Xuan Thuong and also of revolutionary force in Tay Son southwest in the anti-American resistance war. Coming here, the tourists not only take pleasure in miraculous nature but also take chance reviewing a magnanimous time of history.
Standing in the middle of Ham Ho, set our soul free with blue sky, green of mountains, spring and trees, we will feel the Central’s muggy summer becoming peaceful and calmly.
(MONRE, 22/6/2010)

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