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VACNE Standing Committee agrees on action plan in the coming time

25 November 2022 | 01:27:00 PM

(VACNE) - On 23/11/2022, in Hanoi, the Standing Committee of the Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment (VACNE) held an extended session, in the online form, through the 2022 Review Report and agreed on an action plan in the coming time, including the signing of the Research Cooperation on "Open Burn" with the Global Alliance for Health and Pollution (GAHP) based in Switzerland.

This is a meeting, preparing for the Annual Central Committee Meeting next week, in order to summarize the results of activities in 2022, discuss solutions to perform the remaining tasks well; at the same time preparing for the 8th Congress (term 2023-2028) of VACNE.

Members listened to President Nguyen Ngoc Sinh briefly introduce the outstanding activities of the Association in recent years; the comments of leaders and scientists for the Summary Report and the Draft Resolution of the Central Committee of the Association in 2022. At the same time, he also presented a list of personnel introduced by the Office, asked the Standing Committee to add to the leadership ranks and commended this year. Especially VACNE's international cooperation and people's foreign affairs activities, in response to practical needs in recent times. The Secretary-General also gave an additional presentation on the difficulties and initial results in promoting research cooperation on "open burning" with GAHP.

The Standing Committee members and leaders of the Association Office discussed and contributed many insightful and specific opinions; At the same time, he requested the President of the Association to quickly sign this research cooperation, so that member units can deploy it in time. Everyone expressed their excitement at the results achieved by VACNE in recent years and determined to successfully accomplish the set goals.

Activities related to subcommittees: Documents;  Personnel;  Charter; Reward; Communication; Financial resources,  ... preparations for the 8th Congress of VACNE were also discussed at this important meeting, with high unanimity.

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