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Deputy Prime Minister highly appreciated the VACNE initiative of organizing the "Forum of green economic development"

20 September 2016 | 09:48:00 AM

(VACNE) - It is the remark of the Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue in a cordial meeting with the VACNEmembers for the Forum "Green Economy for Sustainable Development 2016” held in Hanoi on 6th September.

In the report of the Forum, Professor. Dr. Truong Quang Hoc, member of the VACNE Standing Council, said nearly 200 delegates attended the Forum, including the delegation of South Korean firms led by Dr. Shim J.K. President of Human and Environment Forum (HEF), are mutually aware of green economy is the path of sustainable development on a global scale, as well as for each country in the context of climate change is increasing currently.

The path towards green economy of Vietnam is facing many difficulties and challenges, which must include the low level of economy development, the legal system is in transition, using of resourceswastely, environmental degradation, biodiversity decline, the"brown economic sector"  are accounting for high density and the impact of climate change is very seriously. 

However, VACNE expressed confidence for the Party's guidelines and policies issued by the State in recent years as an important legal basis for the development of green economy in Vietnam ; it is recommended that we should respect the role and position of enterprises and entrepreneurs in sustainable development, especially small and medium enterprises according to South Korea's experience which has been presented at the Forum, ... (see full the report documents posted on the VACNE Website).



Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue  gave gifts to the VACNE (Photo: VACNE)

After listening to the opinions of scientists, environmental experts, including Dr. Shim JK opinion, Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue appreciated the initiative of VACNE in collaboration with the Health and Environment Journal to organize the Forum "Green Economy Development in Vietnam 2016" in association with the role and obligations of the business. 

"The government is very concerned about this issue and that the Government's Resolution Nr. 35 issued also poses problems to build business ethics, corporate culture, implementing the provisions of the law in protecting the natural environment , not because of economic development then overlooked the environment ", said Deputy Prime Minister.


Government leaders stated that the green economy is the issue that the Party and State concern very seriously. From 2013, the Central has specialized of climate changeadaptation and environmental protection. Most recently, the Resolution of the 12th Party Congress set out general tasks for the whole period from 2016 to 2020 as the "protection and exploitation of natural resources effectively, responding to climate change." The resolution also emphasizes enhance growth, fast innovation and sustainable development, towards the goal of sustainable development in 2030 by the United Nations.

Implementing the policy of the Party, the Government issued the National Strategy on Green Growth for 2010-2020, Vision 2050 and specific action plans for ministries, sectors and localities to implement; Prime Minister issued Decision No. 339 approving the overall restructuring plan tied to the economy growth model transformation, towards improving the competitiveness effect.


For VACNE specific recommendations relating to the handling, salty-term remedial taking place in some areas, Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue said that the agencies were prepared to discuss the contents of solution restructuring agricultural production in Mekong Delta region, to study plant varieties and animal breeds adapt to climate change, freshwater storage solutions, reduce salinity in this region and the Central Highlands. 

However, Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue said that, develop green economy are still many problems to be posed in Vietnam, but the most important is the inner awareness of green economy, green growth was different while this is the target or method to develop. Besides, Vietnam's economy in transition to make a"dual"  issue to address the consequences of the economic downturn and the environment degradation due to "brown economy" cause, but on the other hand Vietnam must be oriented to green economy and green growth in the context of limited resources.

"That is the difficult problem in terms of Vietnam and the scientists, businesses and institutions in the Association should study and give the government the answer to these problems, as well as the mechanisms to mobilize resources for green development, the role of government, businesses and citizens in the development of green economy ", Deputy Prime Minister ordered VACNE. 

Deputy Prime Minister also said that institutions and laws are also an important role in the behavior oriented to sustainable development goals, solve problems harmonious economic, social and environmental - 3 pillars of sustainable development.

Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue proposed VACNE further consolidate operations, enhance international cooperation and the people external relations to call for effective international resources for sustainable development goals, adaptation climate change in Vietnam.

On behalf of VACNE, Chairman Nguyen Ngoc Sinh sincerely thanked the practical & directed opinions by Deputy Prime Minister related to the green economy and to the activities of VACNE and enterprises. Chairman proposed researches, find out how to meet the "order" of the Deputy Prime Minister. The results of these studies can be presented to the National Council on Sustainable Development and the National Advisory Council on Climate Change which has represention from VACNE. At the same time, VACNE will also integrate necessary content to draft Strategy for mobilization communities’ strength of environmental protection and sustainable development of the country for which it is pursuing for years, as well as in consultation of critical issues on natural resources and environment for which VCANE participates regularly.


Ending the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue had some pictures with delegates Vietnam and abroad.


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