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Agree to upgrade Certificate of Vietnamese - Korean environmentally friendly products / technologies

08 September 2016 | 03:28:00 PM

(VACNE) - That is the conclusion of the Fourth Meeting of Organizing Committee of International Certification Program of the Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment (VACNE) and the Humans and Environment Forum of Korea (HEF) for the environmentally friendly product / technology (ENVI PRO & TECH). This meeting took place in Hanoi September 7, 2016.

At the meeting, Korea delegates led by Dr. Shim J.K., President HEFpresented the results of implementing the program since the last meeting of the Korea businesses. Dr. Shim especially emphasized the continuation of research towards upgrading the certification of VACNE and HEF to a new level, according with international trends, but must be practical for the two countries.

According to research by HEF, at present, in countries like Korea, the US, UK, Japan, Australia, ... conducting accredited certification enterprises meets the criteria in its field of activity being carried is quite common. Appeared form of 2 certification organizations in the 2 countries.

The ENVI-PRO & TECH is the first activity of the Vietnam and Korea in this area. Although much remains to be carried out, but, apart from the criteria concerning the environment, the need to upgrade the program according to two trends are being concerned  by the social organizations of countries are safe and should be directed to the protection of consumers.

The participants of the meeting agreed with this proposal and decided to limit the number of products / technology will be certified to less than the 50 (so far, there have been 150 applications for registration in the two countries ) and will only organization announced and awarded certificates at the end of the year, when completed thoughtful preparation (held in Hanoi before, then in the Soul).

At the meeting the Vietnam Company VITECH  and Korea company COMPOTECH signed MOU on cooperation in the field of kitchen garbage disposal with the presence of the delegates two countries.

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