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4,018 old trees across the country have been recognized as Vietnamese Heritage Trees

23 September 2020 | 09:13:00 AM

(VACNE) – On September 19, 2020, VACNE's Heritage Tree Council met and recognized 21 trees, out of a total of 46 old trees in the records of the provinces: Hai Duong, Cao Bang, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai and the city. Hai Phong has just sent back, qualified Vietnam Heritage Tree, bringing the number of Vietnam Heritage Trees in our country has reached 4,018 trees.

 Among the trees recognized this time, there is a pepper orchid tree that is more than 200 years old in Mai Dong pagoda, Lien Khe commune, Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong city. Because this is an ornamental plant, fragrant flowers are popular with many people, with the name: Ham hieu (or Tieu Tieu) with scientific name is Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng, Magnoliaceae.

Them Khe cultural village, Lien Khe commune (Thuy Nguyen - Hai Phong) also has 02 Da trees for nearly 300 years, with Thi tree for over 200 years in Mai Dong cultural village, Longan tree has a trunk circumference of 3.2 meters at the shrine. Lady Chua, Quy Khe village and howling lychee trees over 100 years old at Them Khe Temple are recognized as the Vietnam Heritage Tree.

In the northernmost region of the country, there is a giant rice tree (body circumference of 11 m, height of nearly 30 m) in Lung Luong village, Hanh Phuc commune, Quang Hoa district, Cao Bang province, approved by all members of the Council, successfully recognized as the Vietnam Heritage Tree.

All records of old trees in the Central region sent to the Vietnam Association of Natural Resources and Environment Protection this time are all banyan trees and approved by the Council.

At this meeting, the Council agreed to add an expert on plant classification, discussing many issues related to supporting the community to better register and care for heritage trees./.

Một trong những cây đa ở Tây Giang được công nhận CDS Việt Nam

VACNE Office

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