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 Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment
Address : 9th Floor, Trade Union Hotel, 14 Tran Binh Trong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Tel         : +84.4.39420280
Fax        : +84.4.39420279
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Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment (VACNE) was established under the Decision No. 299/CT dated November 23, 1988 of the President of the Council of Ministers (Prime Minister now). Since then, VACNE has experienced 5 sessions in 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003 and 2008.  
  1. To raise awareness, promote education and outreach of knowledge on nature conservation and environmental protection among the general public, contributing to the inclusion of nature conservation and environmental protection into schools’ curricula
  2. To encourage people to comply with the law, actively contribute their efforts in and build mass movements for the conservation of nature and environment, as well as struggling against any actions violating laws and regulations on nature conservation and environmental protection.
  3. To mobilize its members to participate in the development and implementation of policies, legislation and measures relating to nature conservation and environmental protection; to provide the State agencies and businesses with its consultancy services, professional reviews and social appraisals
  4. To launch initiatives to raise its members’ awareness, improve knowledge and capacity in nature conservation and environmental protection, and to involve them in scientific research and technology innovation in the fields of nature conservation and environmental protection.
  5. To protect the rights and legitimate interests of VACNE and its members.     
 * Chairman: Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Sinh
 * Vice Chairmen:
  • Prof. Dr. Pham Ngoc Dang
  • Dr. Tran Hong Ha
  • Prof. Dr. Dang Huy Huynh
  • Mr. Nguyen Dieu (who is in charge of the central area)
  • Prof. Dr. Lam Minh Triet (who is in charge of the southern area)
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Binh Quyen  - Secretary General of VACNE Central Office
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phung Chi Sy  - Secretary General of VACNE Southern Office
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Bac Huynh  - Vise Secretary General of VACNE

    The 5th National Congress
    Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment in 2008
  • The central executive committee
  • The Standing Committee
  • Inspection Committee – Chief, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Bac Huynh
  • The Council for Emulation and Reward – Chairman, Prof. Dr. Pham Ngoc Dang
  • Science and Technology Council – Chairwoman, Prof. Dr. Dang Kim Chi
  • Vietnam Heritage Tree Council – Chairman, Prof. Dr. Dang Huy Huynh
  • Climate Change Committee – Chief, Prof. Dr. Truong Quang Hoc
  • Business and Environment Committee – Chief, Prof. Dr. Tran Hieu Nhue
  • Social Review Committee – Chief, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Dinh Hoe
  • Community Development Committee – Chief, Master Nguyen Thu Hue
  • Environmental Communication Committee – Chief, Dr. Tran Van Mieu 
Until August, 2011, the number of member associations and affiliated facilities has been up to 150, including many different localities and fields as follows:
  • Affiliated facilities (Institutes, centers, etc): 12
  • Branches in Ministries, sectors and research institutes:25
  • Member associations in localities: 25
  • Member associations in universities: 16
  • Non- governmental organizations: 18
  • Member associations in the fields of culture, communications & art: 8
  • Businesses: 46 

 The second workshop on the biodiversity
 of Truong Son Mountain Range in 2010

Consultancy and social review in the fields of nature conservation and environmental protection
  • Review the Law on Environmental Protection, the Law on Biodiversity, Environment Tax Law and many legal documents relating to environmental protection and sustainable development
  • Conduct a successful debate on some typical projects such as: Tam Dao 2, Central Highlands Bauxite, etc.
  •  Appraise reports on environmental impact assessment of the projects

    The workshop “Environmental issues related to the idea
    of Tam Dao II project”
Scientific research and technology innovation on environmental protection and sustainable development, and practical applications
  • Make a report on Vietnam’s annual environmental status
  • Conduct a study on using pineapple trees in order to prevent forest fires, desertification, soil erosion and flooding
  • Design, build and put Thai Binh Waste Treatment Plant into operation
  • Design, build and put Dong Vinh Waste Treatment Plant in Nghe An province into operation by using SERAPHIN technology
  • Design, build and put Son Tay Waste Treatment Plant in Hanoi into operation by using SERAPHIN Technology
  • Study, design and manufacture many hazardous waste incinerators
Development and popularization of the models on Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development
  • Implement some models with the participation of the public in environmental protection and sustainable development in localities
  • Build and apply eco-villages in unsustainable ecological areas successfully
  • Build villages towards sustainable development

    The signing ceremony of cooperation program between VACNE and Vietnam Youth Union Association on environmental protection and climate change adaptation

Publication of journals and magazines on the environment
  • Publish some magazines like Green Vietnam, Green Road, Environment and Health, Environmental Economics, Environmental News, Journalists with Environment, etc.
  • Publish “Environment– Research Works” (8 episodes); Environmental protection and sustainable development – a collection of researches to celebrate the 20th founding anniversary of VACNE; Summary on sustainable development models in Vietnam; Summary on environmental protection models in Vietnam; some necessary information on climate change; social debate in the field of environmental protection, environmental security in the context of sustainable development, etc.

    Some of VACNE’s environmental communication publications
    Eco-products International Fair 2008 
Film production and photo contests on the environment
  • Produce many films about environment, including: worries about waste, the community’s efforts in environmental protection, VACNE- 20 years of foundation and development, etc. Besides, many films won Environmental Film Award. For example, “Vietnam environment at the beginning of the 21st century” won the second prize in the 3rd national film festivals on environment.
  • Organize photo contests on environment in Tay Bac, Dong Bac, Quang Ninh, Ninh Binh, etc.
  • Hold photo exhibitions on environment annually
Organization of national contests and exhibitions on the environment
  • Organize the national contest “Use and protect water resources” for students age from 2003 until now
  • Hold many photo contests and conduct projects on environment
  • Hold exhibitions to respond to World Environment Day every year

    Eco-products International Fair 2008
Education and training on environmental protection & sustainable development
  • Open training courses on environment for senior officials in 1997-1998
  • Hold regular training for staff at all levels and communities on environment and sustainable development.
  • Develop environmental training documents for units under VUSTA, districts and businesses in the course of WTO integration 

     The closing ceremony of Youth Friendship Cycle
    Vietnam-China in Nanning, China
Communications and raising public awareness
  • Hold Environmental Conference in 1998, conferences and seminars annually
  • Hold and attend World Environment Day and the campaign to make the World cleaner every year
  • Publish journals and leaflets related to environment and sustainable development for the community
  • Hold Cycling for Environment each week and Trans-Vietnam Cycling Bike Tour annually since 2007
  • Post environmental information on mass media, especially on VACNE’s website and publications

    The awards ceremony of the National Contest 
    “Use and protect water resources” in 2006
Review and grant the Prize for the cause of environmental protection
  • Review and grant the Prize for the cause of environmental protection annually for individuals and groups who make great achievements in the fields of environmental protection
  • Review and grant the Golden Cup for the cause of environmental protection
  • Review and grant the Golden Cup for Green Technology Award since 2009

    The awards ceremony of the Golden Cup for environmental protection in Vietnam in 2009
Vietnam Heritage Tree Conservation Event
  • The event was initiated and launched since March, 2010
  • Objective: to conserve ancient trees and rare genetic resources; enhance the fine tradition of ancestors
  • To date, there have been hundreds of registered records and more than 100 trees recognized as Vietnam Heritage Tree by VACNE

    The recognition of 9 “Muom” trees (Mangifera foetida)
     in Voi Phuc Temple, Hanoi as Vietnam Heritage Trees
International cooperation on environmental protection
  • Cooperate with Danida, WB, WWF, and develop a report on environmental situation annually (since 2001)
  • Cooperate with Sida, Sweden to build and publish “Vietnam- Environment and Life” (2002-2004)
  • Report of Vietnam’s non-governmental organizations for Johannesburg Summit (2002)
  • Vietnam Millennium Report on environment in 2005
  • Cooperate with Sweden to organize the International Contest “Use and protect water resources for junior students 9 times since 2003
  • Cooperate with Thailand Environment Institute (TEI) and World Resource Institute to assess the right to access to the environment in Vietnam (2006-2007)
  • Collaborate with Thailand Environment Institute (TEI) and World Resource Institute (WRI) to assess the Right to access to the environment in Vietnam (2006-2007)
  • Coordinate with KEIA and ENVICO South Korea to successfully hold many International Exhibition Fairs on technology in Hanoi (2006, 2009) and Ho Chi Minh City (2007)
  • Cooperate with the Laos People’s Democratic Republic to build a report on environmental impact assessment of Luang Prabang Hydropower (2009-2010)
  • Coordinate with Laos and Cambodia to develop programs on Biodiversity conservation in Truong Son Mountain Range
  • Cooperate with Germany, Japan, the UK, France and the US on technology development related to the treatment of waste, sewage, and gas

    VACNE’s Leadership receives international volunteers in 2011
Services related to environmental protection
  • Annually, VACNE and member associations join service contracts with Vietnam Union of Science & Technology Associations, the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, the Ministry of Science & Technology, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the Department of Science and Technology in provinces nationwide
  • Service contracts on waste collection and treatment for several factories and mills
  • Some contracts on sewage treatment and water supply 
  • Merit from Prime Minister
  • Merit from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
  • Vietnam Environment Award
  • Competitive flag from Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations

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