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Heritage trees on the Truong Sa archipelago

20 July 2020 | 06:20:00 AM

The recognition of 4 tree species as Vietnam heritage outside the Truong Sa archipelago is not only meaningful to the value of precious nature conservation; which asserts that the Truong Sa archipelago of Vietnam were exploited, preserved and developed by Vietnamese people since the late seventeenth century; at the same time, it affirmed the spirit of the officers and soldiers at the front of the wind

Maple tree on Song Tu Tay island. Photo by Nguyen Ninh
Heritage trees are associated with fisherman survival
The maple tree on the island of Gemini West "sits" behind the island's headquarters. The height of the tree is 25 meters from the ground, the trunk circumference is 3.8 meters and the canopy is 35 meters wide. On April 14, 1975, when the Gemini West was liberated, the tree belonged to the ancient rows of the island.   
Before returning to the mainland after long sea trips, the old fishermen handed over to the new "crew" of fishermen about the presence of maple tree on the island of Song Tu Tay. Although the "handover" is not documented, but all the fishermen at that time were consciously protected and considered as a characteristic tree of the "storm island".
One of the four other heritage-acknowledged trees is Son Ca on Son Ca. This is also 300 years old. The canopy is wide and wide throughout a large yard, the tree circumference includes the "hand radiating" to 4 people hugging. Unlike the other floating islands, the submerged island, Son Ca is the only island to have found fresh water veins soon after the liberation day and this is also the island with the thickest humus layer, the most birds and the most green trees. 

Squared eagle tree on Nam Yet Island. Photo by Nguyen Ninh
Son Ca Island now has over 3,000 perennial trees such as: square eagle, tra, bucoma, coconut ... many trees are over 60 years old, of which the blind tree is recognized as a heritage with 300 years old. “The recognition of Son Ca island as a heritage tree not only affirms the meaning of nature conservation, but also affirms that the presence of Vietnamese people on Son Ca Island very early.
The two next trees that are recognized as the  heritage trees are the square eagle tree on Nam Yet island and the blind tree on Sinh Ton island. The blind trees on Sinh Ton Island are nearly 100 years old, while the square-leaved trees on Nam Yet Island have existed for 300 years. Under the 300-year-old tree, the stone is squared - this is also a rendezvous point, with the sweat and sweat of soldiers at recess or after training.
Assert the value of sovereignty

Professor, Doctor of Science, People's Teacher Pham Ngoc Dang, Vice President of Vacne awarded the certificate of recognition of Vietnam's heritage tree to representatives of soldiers on the islands. Photo by Nguyen Ninh
Recently, the People's Committee of Truong Sa Island District, Khanh Hoa Province, (VACNE) organized a Ceremony of Recognition and Beer for four Vietnamese heritage trees on the three islands of the Spratly Islands. These four trees include: maples on the island of Gemini West; gray tree on Son Ca island; 8-branched almond tree on Nam Yet island. These trees are 100 to over 300 years old.
Young soldier and maple tree on the island of Son Ca.
Photo by Le Khanh

Lê Khanh (TN&MT)

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