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Hanoi's first two ancient trees to be honored as Vietnamese Heritage Trees in early 2024

22 January 2024 | 09:49:00 AM

(VACNE) - These are two banyan trees of nearly 400 years old Khe Tang village, Cu Khe commune, Thanh Oai district - about 20 km west of Hanoi center, solemnly organized by the community to celebrate the recognition of Vietnamese Heritage Trees on January 21, 2024.

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Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Sinh, the President of VACNE attended, presented congratulatory flowers and directly presented the Certificate of Recognition of the Heritage Tree to leaders and representatives of grassroots. 



Attending the ceremony and giving flowers to congratulate the event, there were also Mr. Nguyen Trong Hai, Member of Thanh Oai District Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee of Cu Khe Commune, along with a large number of leaders, representatives of mass organizations, elders of Khuc Khe, businesses and schools located in the area and neighboring localities. 



Speaking at this solemn ceremony, the President of VACNE expressed his pleasure, at the enthusiastic response of the community to the movement to preserve Heritage Trees, including relatives of Cu Khe commune; at the same time read the poem "The Heritage Tree". 



In the guiding speech of Mr. Dang Anh Phuong, Chairman of the Commune People's Committee; Reports on the history of the Heritage Tree of village chief Nguyen Huu Thach all expressed their joy and gratitude for VACNE's attention. 


Opening the ceremony of recognizing the Vietnamese Heritage Tree is a unique mass art program, with many performances performed by local amateur artists, attracting a large number of people to watch and bring bold colors of the festival ./.

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