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SOS Environment gives training for dealing with oil spills.

12 May 2016 | 10:39:00 AM

(VACNE) -Emilie Langlois, the Netherlands Apprentice has visited and worked with VACNE office and some VACNE members. We are pleased to publish some articles she have written for VACNE Website.

By Emilie Langlois 

On the 4th and  5th of May , in Bac Ninh, SOS Environment Company, a member of VACNE    gave training to workers of various fuel companies. I had the opportunity to attend the one on the 5th of May and I found it very interesting.


It is very important that organisations such as SOS Environment encourage that Vietnam takes good care of its environment. With response to oil spills which seem to frequently happen across the country, SOS Environment has come up with an easy to use approach to treat these spills and limit the damage they can have on the environment.


With their effective filtering material, when the water containing the oil is passed through the material, the water particles flow through easily, whilst the oil particles are trapped behind and therefore are collected on the surface of the material. As a result, only the clean water comes out of the filterer and bank into the ocean or other waterbody it is used in.


SOS Environment also demonstrated other materials and means by which oil spillage can be treated and stopped from reaching the coastal shores where it could potentially harm many species and destroy the beaches.


Vietnam is a beautiful country and SOS Environment is doing just right with their trainings to make sure that Vietnams environment is not destroyed, in order for the country to remain beautiful.

SOS Environment members with the trainees.





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